the wip home of maxwell the multiple personality artist/crazy snail person. im a huge furry and i love mi partner :3 my gender is nyanbinary. for pronouns i like he(single) and they(plural). i identify this way out of dysphoria but also mental health and spiritual/social beliefs. im 30 somehow. i live in pnw usa with my partner system and our pets! im very opinionated and "mean" (comes with the autism) but i try my best to be a kind and understanding person. unless you are hateful then i will call you hateful and make fun of you for having a tiny brain. part of the reason everything is a wip is sometimes i hate myself for having a tiny brain...alas

tldr play caligula 2

my fav stuff:

my LEAST favorite stuff:

Nazi Furs Fuck Off

LIVE AND LOVE! they will try to crush your spirit but WE ARE STRONGER! Love Wins

for my digital art i use an ipad air gen 3 and usually either ibispaint or artstudio pro. traditionally i love watercolors and marker and ballpoint pen. i learned to draw from copying manga and furry speedpaints lmao


my furaffinity page! (nsfw)
my ibispaint brushes!
neato stuff
jurassic world evolution screenshotz
my flight rising profile

Pet's name: Maximilian
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